Robotic welding

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We support the industry with custom solutions within the Robotic Welding sector. 


Design and Documentation

We design custom solutions for manual and robotic welding, according to your drawings, CAD models and quality requirements.
Our team has expertise in the design of welding fixtures and jigs for parts with different complexity and dimensions.

Welding technology

We prepare the needed welding technology based on your requirements and technical drawings.
Our team has expertise in the development of products from various steels and aluminum for different industries.

Programming of welding robots

We perform online and offline programming of welding robots from different brands.
The robot teaching is done in accordance with your targets for cycle time and takt time. 

Work process


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Design and Assembly


Programming of robot and Welding Parameters


Validation by Customer

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Optirel company

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We are a group of competent independent robotics specialists with over ten years of experience in the area. We assist industrial enterprises by adopting robotic welding technologies.

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